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Welcome to Saradha's South Indian foods page. Explore the taste of various South Indian dishes through this site. Food items given are prepared and served according to the time of the day. Typically day dawns with Coffee followed by breakfast (Tiffin). These tiffin items are served during morning or evening.

Lunch is served with Payasam (semi solid sweet), Variety rice, Curry, Sambar, Rasam (Soups). If plain rice is served, it is mixed with sambar or rasam or  Curd before eating. Curry or Aplams or Pickles are used as side dishes.

Dinner could be served with Tiffin items or Rice items. The number of dishes prepared during religious festivals are quite more and for the marriages it will be the most. I will try to cover all the possible dish which I know in this page. In addition there are food prepared keeping in view of health, by adding herbs. These could be Soups to alleviate cold or body pain orindigestion problems.